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    Latest visiting guidance

    Author: Julian BallDate: 9th March 2021

    At the current time there are 5 different visiting arrangements that we are putting in place.

    1. Outside visiting with social distancing
    2. Indoor visiting in the visiting room with screens
    3. Personal contact visiting with prior LFT
    4. Becoming an “Essential Care Giver” and undertaking LFD and PCR testing
    5. End of Life Visiting in exceptional circumstances

    1. Outside Visiting with Social Distancing

    2. Indoor visiting in the visiting room with screens

    3. Personal Contact Visiting with prior LFT

    Please see below for further information on Personal Contact Visiting with prior LFT.

    For visiting under 1, 2 and 3 the following also apply.

    4. Becoming and Essential Care Giver and undertaking LFT and PCR testing

    For some residents a visit with a greater degree of personal care may be central to maintaining their immediate health and wellbeing.

    In such cases, in addition to the single named visitor and with the agreement of the care home, the visitor will be enabled and supported to provide this care and they will be able to visit more often. They will have access to the same PCR and rapid lateral flow testing and PPE arrangements as a member of care home staff.

    Each resident will be different, and the exact arrangements will need to be agreed between the care home, resident and their family (with professional support if helpful). This should follow an individualised assessment of the resident’s needs.”

    Should you feel this is an approach to visiting and spending time with your loved on that you would like to explore will you please contact the home manager to discuss the specific needs of the resident and your desire to be more involved in their person care on a regular basis.

    5. End of Life Visiting in exceptional circumstances

    We have been facilitating such visits throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so.

    We will communicate with you as early as we can when we believe that your loved one is reaching the final stages of their life and we will give you the opportunity to spend more personal time with your loved one at this stage.

    To enable this to happen safely for the benefit of everyone all the standard rules of visiting above will need to be applied and additionally we require you to undertake a LFT prior to entering the home. At the discretion of the home manager, the visiting will not be pre-booked, there will be no time limit on the visits and there will be no limit to the number of visits you may have during this time.  

    We reserve the right to refuse entry to any visitor if there are any signs of symptoms and/or there is a refusal to co-operate with the arrangements and requests we have put in place to safeguard everyone at this difficult time. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated. Thank you.

    To accompany this policy the following are also attached.

    Additional Information for 3. Personal Contact visiting with prior LFT.