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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below but we are always here to discuss any questions you have in person or over the phone

    Do I get breaks and are they paid?

    4-6 hours shifts are inclusive of a 15 minute unpaid break, 6-9 hour shifts include a 30 minute unpaid and a 15 minute paid break 9-12 hours shifts are inclusive of a 30 minute unpaid and two 15 minute paid breaks.

    How much holiday do I get?

    All of our contracted employees are entitled to 5.6 weeks or 28 days of paid annual leave per year, inclusive of bank and public holidays.

    Do I have to work days and nights or can I choose?

    All of our contracts are offered on an hours per week basis and a working week may include early/late shifts, long days, nights, weekends and bank holidays, as determined by the manager.

    How much do I get paid?

    We offer very competitive rates that reflect the value we place on our staff and at least fall in line with National Minimum Wage requirements. . Our rates are benchmarked against similar services to ensure we remain competitive and staff receive an annual pay review. Staff are rewarded for receiving qualifications that ensure their career progression.

    How much induction training do I get as new starter?

    Each member of staff is individual and comes with their own set of skills and experiences. Each new member of staff will have a thorough and comprehensive 3 day induction to the building and the service, but we offer a full 6 month probationary period where you will learn the skills and gain the knowledge you need for your role.

    I have a young child, how can I work your shifts?

    Each employee has the right to request a fixed flexible pattern of working that tailors around specific child care needs. If we can reasonably  accommodate that request then we will. We understand that our staff are what makes our service great and we want our staff to be happy and be able to commit themselves to their role.

    Do I have to work every weekend?

    We understand that time with family and a work/life balance is important. We run our rota’s fairly and with a recognition of this, we find that some staff request more time off during the week, or at weekends, we will take each request on an individual basis. 

    Do I have to buy my own uniform(s)?

    We supply all of the uniforms and personal protective equipment that you require for your role. 

    Is there a dress code?

    We need you to be smartly dressed and to ensure that your appearance when you are at work reflects your professionalism. Black trousers and sturdy shoes are required for most of our roles, with that being said, we do of course want you to still be able to reflect your own personality and who you are as an individual.