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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We hope the following most common questions and answers are helpful but please don’t hesitate to ask if anything is unclear. We always welcome your interest and concern in your loved one or the person you are advocating for.

    When can my relative / friend visit?

    We are a home, so we welcome visiting from friends and relatives as you would if you were living in your own home. There may be times to avoid for an individual and the plan for their day, this would be discussed with you.

    Can my loved one bring our pet in to visit as well?

    Pet’s are such an important part of life for many people I am sure you agree. We are a very pet friendly home and have resident pets as well, so we encourage furry visitors.

    Can I put furniture and other personal items from home in the room?

    Personalising your own room environment is again so important and we will encourage and help you with that. We may need to make some adjustments for  handling and moving  of equipment to ensure that you and staff stay safe, but being comfortable in your own room is essential.

    What time are meals? What is the menu? Can my loved one join me for a meal?

    We run a full home kitchen which prepares freshly cooked meals daily that run to a seasonal menu. We use local and trusted suppliers for our fresh produce. We also do our own baking so that we are able to offer treats and snacks throughout the day. Meal timings are 0830, 1230 and 1730. Eating together is such a social thing and we welcome friends and family to join us for meals (with prior arrangement) and we also like to celebrate important dates such as birthday’s and Christmas, we also run regular “breakfast club” and Takeaway’s. We also have an occupational therapy disabled access domestic kitchen facility where residents whom are able can prepare meals and drinks for themselves or where residents can join in with communal cooking sessions.

    I have a particular hobby/interest that I would like to continue, can you help me do this?

    We employ Meaningful occupational Therapists as well as a full time Activities coordinator to ensure that you can continue to pursue your interests. We are keen that you can continue to engage with and take part in the wider community and we frequently use our local excellent transport links as well as our own disabled access vehicle. Hastings and St Leonards on Sea are considered to be some of the most culturally vibrant and historic towns in the South East region, close to world famous attractions. We have a dedicated Activity and sensory room well stocked with crafting and art materials. We have introduced the “Pool Activity Level” assessment tool for our residents to ensure that our care planning reflects your hobbies and interests.

    We are a very religious family, how can you help ensure our beliefs are practised here?

    We enjoy close links with several local churches and religious community leaders. On admission, we will discuss in detail with you your individual needs and ensure we do all that we can to make sure you can continue to practise your faith. All of our staff receive training in Equality and Diversity and how best to support people. We recruit staff from a multitude of faiths and backgrounds so that we can offer a diverse range of support.

    I have a lot of clothes and shoes, am I going to lose them here?

    We provide a full communal laundry service for residents. On admission we ask that all of your personal clothing is appropriately and permanently marked with an identifiable tag or name. We will take care of your property and we will try hard to ensure that items are not misplaced. Some relatives prefer to undertake personal laundry for their loved ones themselves. As part of our re-enabling programmes, we also provide domestic washing machine and tumble dryer for residents who wish to continue with this activity for themselves.

    Can I smoke here?

    We do of course advocate health promotion and we will help residents and staff lead as healthy a life as possible, however we recognise that positive risk taking and quality of life is also often equally as important. We do have specific areas within the grounds for smoking. Smoking within the building is strictly prohibited. A full risk assessment for each individual client regarding their abilities and safety when smoking will be undertaken.

    I have some very special dietary needs, will you be able to support them here?

    We cater for specialist and modified diets and our cooks attend regular training with both Speech and language Therapists and Dieticians to ensure their knowledge and skills in these specialist areas are up to date with all the latest guidance.

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