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    Welcome to Mulberry House

    We are a specialist nursing home dedicated to offering great care and support to adults of all ages and different needs who may have previously struggled to find suitable places to live. We can provide long term or permanent care and support, respite services or re-enablement before moving on to  supported living.

    Who We Are

    Our nursing home is split into units for specialist residential and nursing care. We offer long term chronic or palliative care with a high level of nursing expertise. We also have a unit to provide care and support to people who may have suffered traumatic or acquired brain injury, neuro- degenerative diseases or conditions,  cognitive impairment and social exclusion.

    Who We Care For

    We provide high-quality services for people who have complex needs associated with mental illness, learning disabilities, challenging behaviour, dementia and other long term conditions. We want to empower the individual to express their own choices, take positive risks and support them to achieve their life goals, lifestyle and maintain their relationships with family, friends and the communities from where they come.

    A Professional Approach

    Our professional, multi- disciplinary team  are here to provide comprehensive,  person centred, needs led care and support to people with complex and multiple care needs. Our team and environment within the home has been purposely developed to  meet a wide range of physical, emotional and behavioral needs.

    For Families

    We understand that placing a loved one into care can be a challenging time for families. It is our job to reassure and involve you every step of the way. Emphasis is placed on making everyone feel welcome and fully informed at all times. Before choosing Mulberry House to look after your loved one, or, if you’re a healthcare professional, before deciding on where to refer your patient, we are always happy to speak to you to answer any questions you may have.


    Want to know more?

    The Mulberry House response to the most recent CQC inspection.

    The team are obviously very disappointed by the outcome of the inspection.

    We respect the CQC decision and always work closely with our regulators to ensure good and safe practice. Our focus is to ensure we provide the best care possible.

    The team are doing everything they can to correct the small number of matters identified as requiring improvement.

    If you have time to read it, the report is in the majority substantially very positive recognising all the good work we do. We were rated “Good” in “Effective” and “Caring”.

    Our areas of improvement are in the main administrative. We weren’t recording some activities well enough and had overlooked to check a small number of items which we are doing now. These shortfalls were not directly impacting on care we were providing but we could have been doing better.

    CQC verbally reported that they had no major concerns and we are working through an action plan now in preparation to invite the inspectors back in as soon as possible in 2020 to undertake a focused re-inspection of the service and take us back to a “Good” rating in everything we do.

    If you would like to see the action plan or get an up to date progress report please don’t hesitate to ask or contact me, Tara Cross, The Manager, Mulberry House. TaraC@mulberryhousecare.co,.uk . (Full contact details are available on the website)

    Julian Ball

    CEO Mulberry House